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  • Erin Gralton

Happy Valentine's Day - 2021!

Making Valentine's Day cards together can foster reading skills, enhance communication, and provide quality time. Learn more here!

Valentine's Day Card Making: Literacy & Quality Time

Valentine’s day is all about love: love of family, nature, play, friends, partners, and more! Especially with the stressful times we are in now, we want to encourage you to take some time out of your day to spend some quality time with your family. Spending quality time with one’s children can be an integral part of mental and physical wellbeing. Some of the benefits of spending quality time with your family are improved communication, enhanced child academic performance, lowered risk of behavioral problems, boosted self-confidence (source: Parenting NI) and much more. Keep in mind, it doesn’t need to be all the time, studies show it’s truly quality over quantity, so don’t feel bad about taking time for yourself, too! Especially when we are all in the same house together so often.

But, let’s get back to Valentine’s Day! Love can be displayed in many forms, such as the quality time itself, or through gift giving and/or words of affirmation. DIY crafts that you can do with your family like card making display all these forms of love. Card making is such a fun and easy craft that can be done multiple times and given to many different people. Plus it enhances children's literacy skills and can encourage an interest in writing, reading, and communicating. You can look for examples online, or let your creativity flow and create your own design!

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