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About Us

Started in academic year '18-'19 by a UNH Child Development student, the NH Toy Library Network grew to include four more UNH students & several NHTI students in just the first few months. As an interdisciplinary, multi-institution, youth-serving network, we hope to provide fun learning opportunities for children, families, and college students across the Granite State.


Also, with adapted toys being more expensive, plastic (including discarded toys) filling the oceans, and many games being cost-and-space-prohibitive, this lending library aims to enhance community, foster equity, and protect our natural resources.

We hope you enjoy it!

Who We Are: People
NH Toy Board of Directors
Marisa Rafal, Founder & President

Megan Estes, UNH-NHTLN Branch Director

Dr. Judy Sharkey, Board Member

Avary Thorne, Board Member

Kelly Preisendorfer, Board Member

Carolyn Gamtso, Board Member


NHTI-NH Toy Team
Prof. Shaunna Babcock
Student Early Childhood Association (SECA)
Who We Are: Mission To...
Support children's equitable access to toys & games:

Regardless of economics or ability, we believe children should have the chance to play together with enriching material. 

Decrease waste & conserve natural resources:  

borrowed toys experience more (re)use, and are more likely to be enjoyed for longer periods of time. 

Reduce siloing between college & community: 

With students operating the libraries, we aim to cultivate a sense of service and community connection, also allowing for students to develop a professional network and skill set.​

Foster FUN and reduce stigma!
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