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Using TikTok as Learning Tool

Understandably, some parents & caregivers don't want their children having too much screen-time, but what about taking what you see on the screen and creating a learning opportunity? Find what Child Development senior at the University of New Hampshire, Allison Avola, has to share below--using activities from two different TikToks!

The classic small wooden letter blocks spell out the word "Play" (blue, red, green and orange lettering respectively)

This video depicts a fun and easy activity that can be done with young children. The necessary materials include a bowl, Playdough, a couple of pieces of uncooked spaghetti, and some beads. The Playdough is placed in a ball shape in the bowl. Then, the pieces of spaghetti are broken into two pieces and the four remaining pieces are stuck upright into the Playdough. Children can then use the beads and thread them onto the pieces of spaghetti. This activity promotes the development of fine motor skills as children use their hands to place the beads on the spaghetti. Additionally, this activity can encourage exploration in early math concepts; children can experiment with patterns by looking at the colors of the beads they place on the spaghetti. It is a simple yet entertaining activity for young children that promotes development.

The activity in this video can be adjusted based on the age group that is engaging in it. Essentially, a large container is filled with water and a few different colored bowls are placed on the surface of the water. Then, several balls that each match the colors of one of the bowls are placed in the water. Children can then use a large spoon to scoop the balls out of the water and place them into the matching-colored bowl. With older children, smaller balls can be used and children can use tongs or large tweezers. This activity promotes multiple aspects of development. First, the physical act of scooping or picking up the balls develops fine motor skills. Additionally, by placing the balls into the bowls, children are developing their hand-eye coordination. Lastly, children are practicing the concept of sorting based on certain characteristics (in this case, color). Even if children are not interested in sorting the colors, they can still have fun playing in the water!

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